• When I first started Pilates with Lyn, my posture was horrible, my knees were so weak and damaged from childhood sports, I could barely do stairs and my feet were painful all the time. Lyn conducted an assessment on the first day that was spot on and she's worked very hard to come up with a customized and evolving program just for me. With her focus on form and proper movements, I never worry about getting hurt or pushing past my limits. I've been seeing Lyn twice a week for a year now and I look forward to it every time! She's an amazing instructor and incredibly patient. My knees are so strong now that I never have problems, my posture and back are strong, and my feet can support me without pain…she made those stronger too! Pilates with Lyn is one of the best investments I've made in my health. I can't say enough good things!

    Rochelle O.
  • I have been going to a gym for years and have done group classes in both TRX and cross-training, spin classes and yoga. I built up strength, but still have had hip and knee issues in the past. I didn't feel I had the balance and stability for my love of hiking, biking and skiing.

    I found Lyn just over a year ago. First she did an analysis of me and found my posture needed improving, and there were other weaknesses. Since going to Lyn I have found the sessions have improved both my breathing technique, posture, and core. My muscle strength, stability and flexibility have also improved, and I rarely get knee issues. I feel I am working out in a safe environment and that I am being pushed to go beyond what I think I am capable of. I love the different exercises she comes up with on the reformer. When I come away from the class with her I am more energized, gained more stability, and excited to see how much I have improved and look forward to the next class; she doesn't run out of exciting new exercises to test me with! I am a senior and with Lyn's help I can see no reason why I cannot keep up with others a lot younger than myself and carry on with my activities well into the future.

  • I can't believe how much I miss pilates! Here we are seniors on vacation for one of the first times in our lives & only feel good if we do our exercises. Not only does it help my kyphosis but both my husband & I notice a big change in our flexibility & general well being. Good job Lyn

    Shirley & Bill
  • Stott Pilates has helped with my back and neck problems. My body is leaner and my abs have never looked better.
    Thank you, Lyn!

  • I have been working with Lyn for several years now.

    I used to have issues with my lower back, which was caused by an injury some 35 years ago. Since working with Lyn, my back is much stronger, and the pain I used to suffer is gone.

    I also carry a lot of tension in my shoulders, which stiffened everything and restricted movement. Lyn has released this, and my range of movement is now much greater than it used to be.

    Lyn is very highly qualified, is very professional and most important, she is great fun to work with.

  • I just had to write and share my personal experience with Lyn Hope and Full Circle Pilates.

    I would never have thought I would need or want a personal training program, until I met Lyn. She was introduced to me through an information night my local chiropractor, Dr. Vanda Corbett, invited me to in High River.

    I've always struggled with my posture, but didn't know how to correct it. I had scoliosis as a young adult, some knee injuries and a fall on the trampoline but otherwise no broken bones or anything, so I thought that just pushing my shoulders back would fix my posture. Thats what I always heard as a kid; the problem was that I couldn't maintain it and thanks to Lyn, I now know that is not the key. I also have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and Lyn has created a program which fits my particular needs, and my body's limitations. She listened to my goal;s, my concerns and assessed my body before she created my personal training program. I love it!

    Lyn has helped me see my weaknesses and after only a few private sessions I could feel the difference! I love the one on one training. I never felt comfortable in a class. By the time the instructor explained what to do and I understand, she was on to the next step. I also never received proper instructions on how to position my body while I was doing a particular exercise; Lyn has provided that information in a way that makes so much sense. She never moves on until she knows I get it and I've done the exercise properly. My body is responding in a way I only dreamed of.

    Some of the high points of training with Lyn and Stott Pilates are:-

    1. I never feel pain, not during or after. I do feel that my muscles have been worked, but not overworked.
    2. I understand the connection between muscles and spine, proper breathing to support the exercise.
    3. I've learnt that many problems which only get worse with age, do not have to; they can be corrected and I can expect to age without pain or slumped posture.
    4. I also know that not allPilates are the same; I love Stott Pilates not just for the exercise, but because it is supporting my spine and aligning my body in a healthy easy pace.
    5. Lyn is always prompt, she respects her clients ti,me and although I have a lot of fun during my class, its always a thoroughly efficient use of my time.

    If you want to look better and feel better, then I cannot recommend Lyn Hope and her teaching methods enough!

    Heres to youthing and full circle living.

  • By the time that I was referred to Lyn, I had tried many approaches to relieve pain in my neck and back as well as headaches. Through a group class and then personal training with Lyn, I have been nearly two years without pain and headaches. Lyn took into consideration my bodies individual needs. She taught me that the form and breathing of Stott Pilates leads me to a more balanced body. I have a greater awareness of my body and what it needs to be healthy and happy. My running has become more fluid, my flexibility has increased and my back is stronger.

    If you have never done Stott pilates, Lyn will make the sessions inviting, effective and all about you. If you are seasoned, Lyn will take you to the next level!

  • One on one training with Lyn has benefitted me both physically and emotionally. She has an extensive knowledge of physiology, and creates a program that is great for your individualized goals. I have seen wonderful results from working with Lyn, while having a lot of fun. I recommend Pilates with Lyn for people of all levels and capabilities. Be prepared to work hard and have FUN!

  • We like to tease Lyn that she's a hard, cruel taskmaster and that the exercises we do are pure torture, but the truth is we really enjoy her well planned and professionally executed workouts. We've tried other forms of exercise from Tai Chi to Yoga and free weights, but Pilates provides us with the best balance of flexibility, strength and cardio training. We stepped away for a year to try other programs and just had to come back.

    Harry & Jeanne
  • I am a 61 year old woman, who has been active all her life, as well as taking classes in yoga, pilates and using a gym membership. Over the years with having scoliosis and pronating ankles, I was shifting my weight onto one side of my body while walking, which started giving me considerable pain. I have come to learn that one may be exercising a long time, as I have, but doing exercises incorrectly. It's great having Lyn go through each exercise and give you feedback on how your body should be working and which muscles should be engaging. Doing one-on-one sessions with Lyn has helped relieve my hip and lower back pain and improve my posture while walking, standing and sitting. Sessions are always challenging and a good variety. Every day I get stronger and more balanced ; and, I wouldn't be able to achieve this without her!