STOTT PILATES® – The Contemporary Approach

What are the benefits of STOTT PILATES®?

  • Greater mind-body awareness
  • Core stability and body balance
  • Enhanced performance (e.g. in yoga, running, tennis, golf)
  • Increased flexibility, agility and mobility *Relief of pain and tension
  • Flatter abdominals
  • Better posture
  • Improved muscle tone


STOTT Training and Certification is recognised as the most contemporary and comprehensive in the industry.

STOTT is recognised by the American Council on Exercise as a Continuing Education Specialist.

STOTT PILATES incorporates modern biomechanical knowledge, emphasising core strength and stability and restoration of the natural curves of the spine as key to developing optimal fitness.

STOTT PILATES is safe and effective for everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes.

STOTT PILATES is respected, recommended and employed worldwide by health professionals.


Anyone who wants to be in top condition can do STOTT PILATES, whether you're recovering from an injury or in great shape already.

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